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I wanted to thank you again for the excellent time that we all had on Saturday, during the tactical handgun training. I am still finding my mind rehearsing the various drills of importance you took us all through. All of the information and practices were very well done, with the utmost consideration given to safety. In addition, it is evident that much time and preparation has been given to the presentation and function of this very worthwhile course. I have and would recommend your course to anyone with a handgun, who is truly interested in ‘handling it and themselves’ effectively.

May the Lord continue to bless your efforts to instruct sportsmen and women in these fine arts…..
John Mitchell, Sedona, AZ

Dear John and Chiquie,
“Thank you for the class yesterday. It was a well thought out class. You had a wealth of knowledge to give out. I was trying to process the information all night while trying to sleep!” …Jean Kincaid, Cottonwood, Az.

John & Steve,
“I walked away from your class with a whole new reality that I never saw before…Thank you very much for opening my eyes!” ...Jerrith Weir, Cottonwood, Az.

Hi John,
“Taking the women defense class was a great experience for me. The material covered a wide variety of interesting and helpful facts which are useful and practical in everyday life. Knowledge is power and I feel in that short time we spent, I am a little bit stronger, mentally and emotionally. I came to be more confident of handling my gun and it was a success. I very much enjoyed the teaching and instruction: it was clear, concise and fun. Thank you. You haven't seen the last of me!” …Gratefully, Patti Spenrath

Dear John and the FAST team,

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for your CCW class. I thought it might be something like going to driving school; boy was I wrong about that. Instead, I am so grateful for everything I learned in your class. The eight hours flew by as you instructed us about fire arm safety, equipment awareness, ammunition types, scenario planning, firing techniques, laws and legal issues, and so much more.

Your life of professional experience is remarkably coupled with a special ability to cut through the b.s. and clearly communicate things we really need to know! I am especially appreciative of the ground you covered in addition to the required course material. Thank you for sharing down to earth knowledge from your uniquely qualified perspective.

I am recommending that all my friends with arms take your class, regardless of their interest in obtaining the permit. Yesterday I did receive my permit, just eleven days after taking your course. Thank you so much for the excellent work you do.

Sedona, AZ