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Concealed Weapons Permit Course:

ARIZONA F.A.S.T. is proud to be an Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified Training Organization (, follow links to training organizations with the 86326 zip code) with Instructors certified to teach the Arizona CCW Firearms Safety Course, required to obtain an Arizona concealed weapons permit.

This course includes instruction on:

• Firearms & Range safety
• Arizona gun laws & legal issues
• Firearms selection, use & maintenance
• Shoot/Don’t Shoot scenarios and the correct mindset
• Range qualification including some Tactical & Point shooting.
• Final test

Successful students will be issued documentation to obtain the Arizona State issued CCW permit.

Basic Handgun Course:

In this class the student proceeds through an official NRA developed training course designed to teach students the basics of:

• Firearms & Range Safety
• Handgun Nomenclature & operation
• Choosing a handgun
• Ammunition types & operation
• Loading & firing a handgun correctly
• Shooting grips & stances
• Maintenance & storage of a handgun

This class prepares the student to be able to be familiar with a variety of handguns and to safely operate their own handgun. Additionally, this class is an excellent precursor to prepare the novice student with the expertise necessary to proceed to the Arizona CCW class also offered by ARIZONA F.A.S.T.

Tactical Shooting Course:

This class is for more advanced shooters. There will be a barricade w/ reload drill, threat assessment (don’t shoot the good guys!), point shooting exercise and a hostage situation. The class will be preceded by a safety & range briefing and instruction on the course of fire. These shooting stations will be completed for time and are designed to put you into real life scenarios. All students will keep a scorecard and high shooter will receive a PRIZE. This class will start at 9am and conclude around 1-2pm depending on how many shooters we have.

You will need; a clean, serviceable firearm, a holster, a box of ammo, eye & ear protection and any food or drink you may require.

Price is $40.00

Armed Guard Firearms Training:

This lesson plan was developed by the DPS Security Guard Licensing Unit and is the only authorized training program for the purposes of licensing armed security guards. This 16-hour armed security guard lesson plan is a firearms safety course, designed to teach the novice armed security guard the basics of gun safety, marksmanship, maintenance and familiarization, as well as legal issues related to the use of deadly physical force. It is also intended to provide training on issues likely to be encountered by armed security guards while on duty. This course is not designed to teach security guard fundamentals. This is a 16-hour, 2-day course. We can help with lodging needs. We also offer the 8-hour Refresher course.

16-hour firearms training $150.00
16-hour firearms training with Arizona CCW $225.00
8-Refreher $85.00
8-hour refresher with Arizona CCW $160.00